Squatty Potty....?!?!?!

This recent addition to my home has showed me the divide between some of my family and friends.
When telling people about it or them spotting our Squatty Potty they are either completely dumbfounded as to why anyone would want one, or they are extremely jealous and ask a million questions as they want one for themselves.
A lot of people heard about squatty potty thanks to that Unicorn Advert that went viral back in 2015, this really launched squatty potty into the mainstream, making it more acceptable to a point that you would purchase yourself what is basically a fancy shit stool, and your friends might get jealous of it.
I first heard about them thanks to the Podcast "Whats the T?" hosted by RuPaul and Michelle Visage, Squatty Potty being one of their main sponsors. When they talk about products on their podcasts they speak from personal experience and usage, and their words are what spurned me to look them up and start coveting one of my very own.

You cannot order to the UK via their .com website, but will instead send you over to stress no more, a UK supplier, alongside (or so I hear) Costco.
Prices start from £20 for their standard white plastic stool, but having studied towards interior design, and being an interiors snob I couldn't bring myself to have something that looked like a potty training tool for kids.
Luckily theres a full range of different styles and types, including teak, bamboo, portable, and perspex.
Once I spotted this light wood, perfect to match other wooden accents in our bathroom, plus this one was a streamlined slim version so ticked so many boxes!
This version tucks neatly away and doesn't look out of place, plus it arrived quite quickly after we ordered it. It did set us back £40 but this was one of my birthday gifts so I was allowed one big demand!

The big question is of course, whats it like to use?!?
It really does seem to work, it makes using the toilet somewhat easier, although if like me you have a bony butt, you may need to readjust yourself as I found my toilet seat now became uncomfortable as it dug into places it never had before.
Both me and my husband raved about how much cleaner, and easier it felt meaning he has now also converted and believed it was worth splashing out on after all.
I may start buying these as a very different but extremely useful gift that would help many people I know, what with digestion and bathroom troubles being something that affects so many of us, this is such a toilet revolution of a product that I hope to see these popping up more readily available to buy. 
Would you give them a go?


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