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Can Kat Von D Lockit down..?

Kat Von D has been very outspoken when it's come to animal testing, and her products being vegan, so it makes sense that her makeup range is every tattooed ladies go to make up. I have been using her products since I would have to give a list of items to anyone heading over to america to grab me them off the shelves of Sephora. Recently Kat Von D make up has hit most large Debenhams around the country, and thankfully not a teeny tiny make up stall, but a full stand with dedicated make up artists to help with your every need. You can also order it all online via the Debenhams website. Another thing that has changed since I used to get it bought for me from USA is the packaging, I have read since that since her factory has switched, along with the designs of all the packaging apart from her lipsticks, which have kept to their original design. As luxury high end brands go, the prices aren't too high, with lipsticks retailing at £17.00, foundations retailing at £27.0

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