Primark PS Cotton Candy Palette

A whole make up look for only £5...? Of course I had to give it a go!
I'm not usually one for a pale pink cotton candy sugary sweet looks, but I quite like the look of Beau Rose on the lids for myself, as sadly I cannot personally pull it off on my lips.
This makeup comes in a bright pink box, which is quite eye-catching and drew me to it in the first place.

With three complimenting eyeshadows, a blusher, and what I assume to be a highlighter as it's a much more subtle flush to the other, plus lipstick I thought £5 was a bargain price, considering I routinely buy £15+ lipsticks!
The eyeshadows are a nice mix, the paler colours of the three are similar to ones I would wear everyday, but the pink is quite a change for me. I was surprised the find I did like it quite a lot, it went on easily and the pink had quite a strong pigment, whereas the other two were a lot more subtle.
However there was a large amount of droppage from the shadows, so I could imagine they would run out quite quickly without most of it being used for the intended purpose.

The blusher however didn't pick up very easily, and was far too solid to get a decent colour flush from it. They are more of a shimmery colour, and gives more of a 90's look to your blush.
I guess thats quite in fashion right now tho...
The paler pink I would use as a highlighter considering the paleness and shimmeriness of the colour, it wouldn't work itself as a blush, but this does mean you have more of your makeup look in the one pink box.

The lipstick was the most disappointing for me, I expected a pale nude colour considering the colouring of the packaging, but it was quite a strong unnatural pale pink, one that wouldn't look out of place in an 80's typing pool, maybe with a matching scrunchie.
It didn't stay on very long, so I couldn't tell you about it's longevity but from the feel of it I don't think it would last in comparison to most others.
As you can see the ingredients lists are extensive, but these products do contain Mica, Parabens, and in the blushers, aluminium.
You can see the final look I created using this palette in this video, matching to my own brand Beau Rose pale pink glitters.


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