The Road to Better Skin is a Smooth One

Skin care has always been about buying millions of creams and potions to smooth out wrinkles, banish spots, even skin etc, turning the skin care industry one that can pull in billions of dollars a year while we all strive for skin perfection.
Although we have all discovered a skin care regime we cannot do without, did you know there are just a few things to help your skin that you can easily do at home, or take into consideration when spending all your hard earned cash on creams and scrubs?

All of these tips come straight from Millie Dollar herself who follows these for clearer skin, something that has seemed an unreachable goal for many, considering it's highly unlikely to achieve and mention 100% clear fabulous skin 100% of the time.

Tip No. 1 - Diet

Yes it seems obvious but good skin can come from within, what is less talked about tho is that there is a time period for your skin to rejuvenate and freshen itself so you can reap the benefits.
Water will help to flush out your system, while greens will help your cells regenerate to a better form, but it takes a total of 28 days for your skin to regenerate.
Every month you get a fresh outside layer of skin, as the old skin melts (well, flakes) away into new.
The outer layer of the skin, aka the Epidermis, consist of five thin layers sat on top of the dermis.
The outer layer is known as the Horney Layer (huh-huh-huh) and this is the layer that will make up your current skin.
Underneath the Horney Layer are four other layers of Keratinocytes that are in various states of generation, the lowest layer known as the Basal layer will eventually work it's way up the ranks to become your outermost layer over this period, and you can still give that layer the boost it needs by staying healthy and hydrated.

Tip No. 2 - Bedding

This is one of the simplest things you can do to help your skin, but it's also quite pleasant really...!
By changing your bedding once a week you can drastically improve skin health.
The average human sheds half an ounce of dead skin per week, most of this will be when you sleep. With that dead skin comes little mites and bacteria that like to eat them, which can lead to allergic reactions. Your body also secretes natural oils as you sleep, some of which from the hair or face will attach to your pillow, which can in turn irritate your skin as you sleep.
If you are worried about those sleep lines turning into permanent ones, invest in a silk pillow case. The softness of the silk will glide against your skin leaving you line free come the morn.

Tip No. 3 - Clean Brushes Weekly

It seems so obvious but it's something so many people fail to do!
Your make up brushes may be used every day, and could contain dead skin cells from previous use, product build up which can also attract nasty bacterias, dust particles, and grossly the microbes that live on your skin can transfer to brushes, and with make up brushes being a lovely moist warm place they can thrive, turning your fancy makeup brushes into a petri dish, which you are rubbing onto your face regularly. Even if you rarely wear make up, it is still worth giving them a good clean weekly.
Here at Millie Dollar Beauty we think this is extremely important to any make up lover, and we wanted to make this an easier chore for all! Check out this video all about our silicone sink mats perfect for cleaning those brushes easily, but most importantly ensuring they are completely rinsed and clean, something not all brush cleaners make a breeze.
This pad has suction cups to help it attach to the bottom of your sink, making it easier to give your brushes a good scrub, plus the Butt shape leaves a space for your plug hole so you can see the dirt rinse away. There are 7 different sections on the pad for cleaning different kinds of brushes, and rinsing them easily, making this weekly chore a breeze that your skin will thank you for.


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